[kernel-xen] CentOS 7?

sflist at ihonk.com sflist at ihonk.com
Thu Jul 24 07:55:56 EST 2014

Thanks for your reply!

On 2014-07-23 01:08, Steven Haigh wrote:
> At the moment, my advice for you regarding EL7 - run the other way.
> I did briefly write up the following:
> 	https://www.crc.id.au/2014/07/12/avoid-centos-7-rhel-7-for-now/

Appreciate the heads up, I'll go with 6.5 for now.

> I am still slowly making progress regarding Xen 4.4 on EL6 - however
> this is still in development, requires more testing (the testing 
> repo!),
> and will not be a completely seemless upgrade (full shutdown of DomUs
> required BEFORE upgrading).

I'll start with your 4.4 packages since this is just for home use. I'm 
going to be attempting to use VGA and PCIe passthrough, should be 
exciting. Supposedly my hardware supports it, we'll see. :-)


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