[kernel-xen] Kernel Archive

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Tue Jul 15 10:14:32 EST 2014

Is there an archive of older kernels provided in the repository? There 
are many reasons why forcing the latest and only the latest version on 
people simply isn't useful.

For example, I have an Nvidia GPU on my dom0 and use ZFS. Until 
recently, ZoL didn't support kernels as recent as 3.14, and Nvidia 
drivers newer than 319.x are broken for Xen dom0 use. Running with a 
3.14 kernel requires a newer Nvidia driver than 319.x series.

Consequently I am still running 3.9.9, and now that new ZoL was released 
that supports newer kernels I wanted to upgrade as far as Nvidia driver 
would allow, but I can't because the only upgrade option is to 3.14, 
which requires a newer Nvidia driver, which is broken.

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