[kernel-xen] Upgrade path from Xen 4.2 to 4.3.

Adi Pircalabu adi at ddns.com.au
Fri Jan 24 10:59:49 EST 2014

On Sat, 18 Jan 2014 18:49:55 +1100
Steven Haigh wrote:

> 1) Refuse to install if there are DomU's running; or
> 2) Shutdown running DomUs (call service xendomains stop), and then
> install.
> I see downfalls in both here... Option 1 has the problem of breaking a
> seamless install or upgrade. Option 2 assumes that you want to do
> something.


Regardless of the upgrade path, I'd pretty much prefer publishing Xen
4.3 packages in a separate repo for production, say kernel-xen-xen43,
disabled by default. This way we can get the best of both worlds:
- People stuck with 4.2 will continue to use it, while:
- Early 4.3 adopters will have the ability to run tests and contribute
  to the cause without affecting 4.2 users.
Although, I know maintaining yet another repo isn't exactly on your
personal wishlist :)

Adi Pircalabu, System Administrator

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