[kernel-xen] Newest Xen not booting Windows templates

Dimitar Kolev dkolev at qhoster.bg
Sat Oct 12 09:55:46 EST 2013

>From here:


The xen- is working.

4.2 not.


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On 12/10/13 09:17, Dimitar Kolev wrote:
> We have installed the newest xen-4.2.3-4 and the Windows templates we 
> have made are not booting any more.
> Older Xens are still booting them
> The problem seems to be in newer
> /usr/lib/xen/boot/hvmloader
> Anybody have a fix ?

All works here.

Can you include any information? Configs? What happens when you start to run
the DomU?

At the very least, try:
	# xl -v create /path/to/config -d -n

That should show you what is failing...

Steven Haigh

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