[kernel-xen] Xen Security Advisory 67 (CVE-2013-4368) - Information leak through outs instruction emulation

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Fri Oct 11 02:42:39 EST 2013

             Xen Security Advisory CVE-2013-4368 / XSA-67
                              version 2

         Information leak through outs instruction emulation


Public release.


The emulation of the outs instruction for 64-bit PV guests uses an
uninitialized variable as the segment base for the source data if an FS:
or GS: segment override is used, and if the segment descriptor the
respective non-null selector in the corresponding selector register
points to cannot be read by the emulation code (this is possible if the
segment register was loaded before a more recent GDT or LDT update, i.e.
the segment register contains stale data).

A malicious guest might be able to get hold of contents of the
hypervisor stack, through the fault address passed to the page fault
handler if the outs raises such a fault (which is mostly under guest
control).  Other methods for indirectly deducing information also exist.


A malicious 64-bit PV guest might conceivably gain access to sensitive
data relating to other guests.


Xen 3.1.x and later are vulnerable.

Only 64-bit PV guests can take advantage of this vulnerability.


Running only HVM or 32-bit PV guests will avoid this issue.


This issue was discovered by Coverity Scan and Matthew Daley.


Fixed in xen-4.2.3-4

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