[kernel-xen] kernel-xen-3.7.1-4 released.

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Thu Jan 10 08:04:44 EST 2013

Thanks for the info!

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On 10/01/2013 7:48 AM, Wayne Egerer Jr wrote:

Can you add the module scsi_wait_scan to the kernel ?

Hi Wayne,

In a short answer, no.

For the long answer, this config option was removed from the kernel back around July 2012 when it was discovered that it didn't really do anything anyway. The commit URL for this is:

It states:

scsi_wait_scan was introduced with asynchronous host scanning as a hack
for distributions that weren't using proper udev based wait for root to
appear in their initramfs scripts.

It hasn't been used for a long time, and only really seems to exist in the EL6 kernels as a legacy item. As such, newer kernels don't have this option - nor is it required in EL6. The error message shown on boot is purely cosmetic and does not affect the operating system in any way.


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