[kernel-xen] Xen 4.2 Ubuntu 12 VPS crash on boot

Dimitar Kolev dkolev at qhoster.bg
Fri Feb 8 23:47:51 EST 2013

Same result.
The guy making the templates said there is an issue may be. He is suspecting
the new Xen. I am suspecting the same cause the previous Xen older one was
working fine.
Is there easy way to downgrade Xen ?


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On 8/02/2013 11:22 PM, Dimitar Kolev wrote:
 > No we are using pygrub just tried the other Default kernel way = same  >

I'm not quite sure I understand what you mean here....

Have you tried the config as follows:

name            = "vm605"
memory          = 1024
vcpus           = 1
bootloader      = "pygrub"
disk            = [ 'phy:/dev/vps/vm605_img,xvda1,w',
phy:/dev/vps/vm605_swap,xvda2,w' ]
vif             = [ "mac=00:16:3e:ac:0b:e6, bridge=XXXX, vifname=vm605" ]
on_poweroff     = 'destroy'
on_reboot       = 'restart'
on_crash        = 'restart'

Of course, setting the correct value for bridge=XXXX...

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