[kernel-xen] Xen 4.2 Ubuntu 12 VPS crash on boot

Dimitar Kolev dkolev at qhoster.bg
Fri Feb 8 23:24:11 EST 2013

Hm I am not sure how to check ?
They are all from www.stacklet.com and they were always working since kernel
You had the same issue with some Xen or Kernel or both release before they
were crashing but I do not remember I think you have released an update. And
now this is happening again.


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On 8/02/2013 10:53 PM, Dimitar Kolev wrote:
> Also CentOS 5/6, Debian 5/6, Ubuntu 10.04/12.10 are running fine. 
> Problem is with Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 and Fedora 17.
> Templates are from www.stacklet.com

Wait, so it works fine with everything except Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 and Fedora

I'm wondering.... Do the ones that DON'T work use grub2?

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