[kernel-xen] Issue Booting DomU's from certain hardware.

Joe Fialkowski joe at zoomcloud.net
Thu Sep 27 12:29:25 EST 2012

Hello kernel-xen readers, 

I am new to this list, but I appreciate everything you folks have done for all things Xen and hope to help out in anyway I can. 

I have been using Xen for a few months now and am running the 3.5.4-2 xen kernel on CentOS 6.3. Everything has been working great but I have hit an issue that I am hoping the support from this list can help me overcome. 

Here is the issue:

I have 3 Servers. Two are HP DL120 G7's with Xeon E3-1230V2 Processors, and hardware raid. The Other server is a super micro with the same CPU spec's but software raid. 

I have Xen PV Images for CentOS 6, Debian 6, Ubuntu 12.04 and Fedora 17. These images work great on DomU's on the HP hardware. However on the super micro server, my Ubuntu and Fedora Images will not boot. They crash almost immediately and I cannot even get a console connected in time (even using xm start -c). 

I am wondering if it has something to do with the hosts partitioning. On the HP hardware it sees /dev/sda for the drive, however on the Supermicro since its software raid, its /dev/md0 which is a raid 1 mirror of sub and sdc. 

I am not sure if that makes a difference or not, I am really shooting in the dark. It may also be worth mentioning I am using SolusVM to provision VPS's across the cluster of Servers. 

Any insight you can share is greatly appreciated.   

Kind Regards,

Joe Fialkowski
Joe at ZoomCloud.net

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