[kernel-xen] Kernel-xen 3.5.3 about to be released.

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Thu Sep 27 11:22:35 EST 2012

Patch received and applied, thanks.

I've had a couple of reports saying that some DomU's aren't booting - 
but no tech details to see why. I've invited everyone to join this list 
so it can be debugged. Pending the results of that, I'll rebuild and 
push this to the repos.

Steven Haigh

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On 27/09/2012 6:17 AM, Vasily Evseenko wrote:
> Hi,
> I've attached small patch with fixes for:
> 1. IPSet support.
> 2. Fix kernel-xen-devel (add deps for xtables_addons)
> Xtables_addons is a collection of unofficial, but very useful addons for
> iptables (http://xtables-addons.sourceforge.net)
> On 09/11/2012 03:38 AM, Steven Haigh wrote:
>> On 11/09/2012 6:38 AM, Vasily Evseenko wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I've probed to use this kernel on x86_64 box.
>>> Seems almost all is fine, but there are some issues:
>>> 1. Missing include/generated -> unable to build xtables-addons
>> Can you provide what this is looking for?
>>> 2. Ipset module doesn't enabled.
>> Does this break any tools included in EL6? I haven't noticed anything
>> - but its difficult to test every possible usage case.
>>> 3. What about various patches from RedHat which doesn't available in
>>> vanilla kernel
>> No backported patches are applied from RedHat. They don't have
>> anything in the EL range that uses 3.x to bring any patches in from.
>> That means they are more likely to cause issues than fix them.
>>> 4. What about compatibility with (old) userland utilities (are there any
>>> incompatibilities in kernel api from 2.6.32 to 3.5)?
>> All the compatibility stuff is enabled - you shouldn't see any
>> problems here. I'm more than happy to debug issues and work towards
>> fixing them if you find any issues.
>>> How did you get default config for 3.5.3 kernel? Is it derived
>>> from RedHat's or configure by hands from scratch?
>> I migrated the same config from my 2.6.32.x tree then altered new
>> options to suit. This should mean it will be as close as possible to
>> existing 2.6.32.x tree.
>> The main problem is that the Xen maintainers are no longer updating
>> the 2.6.32.x branch with Xen patches. This causes issues as ANY
>> security or bug fixes will not be ported to the 2.6.32.x tree.
>> Therefore, moving to a properly maintained tree is probably the best
>> option.
>> The 2.6.32.x tree with Xen hasn't been touched since March this year.
>>> Can you publish old rpms/srpms for kernel into repository ?
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