[kernel-xen] Installing Debian using Xen 4.2.0

Dimitar Kolev dkolev at qhoster.bg
Tue Oct 2 00:31:00 EST 2012

We have installed Ubuntu 12.10 template from Stacklet.com and seems it is
booting fine. 
We have another server with Xen 4.2 upgraded and there Ubuntu 12.04 is
booting. Strange why is not booting on 2nd Xen node we have.
Everything is really random.


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On 1/10/2012 6:35 AM, Joseph Fialkowski wrote:
> Thanks for giving it a try. This doesn't make much sense. It works 
> fine on old version of Xen with no modifications. But if I upgrade to 
> 4.2 I need to edit all the config files of my Fedora and Ubuntu DomU's.
> I don't think its the partitioning, as It works in 4.1 the same way 
> its configured with xvda1 and xvda2.

If you have a chance, maybe try altering the config line by line to see what
actual statement causes the DomU to fail. It may be something that isn't
supported in 4.2 or has changed? It would be helpful to try and figure out
what actual part of the config causes it to fail.

Steven Haigh

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