[kernel-xen] DomU fails to start after power outage

Steven Spencer steven.spencer at kdsi.com
Thu Nov 8 10:02:38 EST 2012

On 11/07/2012 03:28 PM, Steven Spencer wrote:
> All,
> I stepped on a power cable behind the rack and unplugged one of my Xen
> boxes. Everything came back up except for one machine which gives me
> this error:
> VmError: Had a bootloader specified, but no disks are bootable
> In the config file for the domain, there is nothing specifying the
> tap:io device, where as with the domains that did start up again, there
> was. Is there any way to generate a new config with the image file
> already given and without re-installing?
> I believe that this is the second time something similar has happened
> and that the last time I ended up re-installing.  I didn't have this
> list to come to then, however.
> Thanks in advance.

So we got the machine to boot by tweaking the config file and adding the 
location to the disk image, but when the machine booted it came up 
without the Ethernet interface, so now we are missing the bridged 
interface info.

Any help is appreciated. We were able to move all services to another 
machine, so we are not currently down.


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