[kernel-xen] DomU fails to start after power outage

Steven Spencer steven.spencer at kdsi.com
Thu Nov 8 08:28:45 EST 2012


I stepped on a power cable behind the rack and unplugged one of my Xen 
boxes. Everything came back up except for one machine which gives me 
this error:

VmError: Had a bootloader specified, but no disks are bootable

In the config file for the domain, there is nothing specifying the 
tap:io device, where as with the domains that did start up again, there 
was. Is there any way to generate a new config with the image file 
already given and without re-installing?

I believe that this is the second time something similar has happened 
and that the last time I ended up re-installing.  I didn't have this 
list to come to then, however.

Thanks in advance.
Steven G. Spencer, Network Administrator
KSC Corporate - The Kelly Supply Family of Companies
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Mobile 308-380-7957

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