[MLB-WIRELESS] What equipment is everyone using?

Daurnimator quae at daurnimator.com
Thu Jul 18 12:02:21 AEST 2019

On Tue, 16 Jul 2019 at 16:04, Vincent Hii (NS) <vhii at netspace.net.au> wrote:>
> How well are the Powerbeam 5ac running?  What average distance and
> 20/40/80mhz channel size?

There's a lot of different links on the network, I can't say I have
any idea of the average.
The older powerbeam 5m runs better at 5.1-5.2 GHz compared to the AC.

To give you some examples:
  - I have a 1km link that goes at ~500Mbps.
  - I have a 3km link that goes at ~280Mbps.
  - I have a 29km link that goes between 12 and 50Mbps, but it's
partially obstructed.

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