[MLB-WIRELESS] Secondhand 5ghz gear for Nth Melb node + thanks

nickj nickjaffe at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 10:39:34 AEDT 2015

Hey all,

Special thanks to KFI and KPG nodes for hooking me up from Breamlea - the
link from KVV -> KFI is spanning ~12km and is working splendidly. This
mornings fog slowed it down a bit, but probably in part due to poor
positioning. Epic thanks to Matt/KPG for a special house visit to decode
the mystery of configuring my Mikrotik (I've signed up for the MUM event
next month to de-noob myself a bit re RouterOS...).

Also thanks to Mike @ Duxtel for the in-person delivery of said Mikrotik at
last weeks MW meetup in Geelong!

So now that my house is on the network, I'd like to connect our coworking
space Electron Workshop in North Melbourne. As such, I was wondering if
anyone had any secondhand NanoBridge M5 or NanoBeam M5/equivalent hardware
for this new node laying about?

Also, is there anyone on this list near Nth Melb and linked up? Our address
is 31 Arden St.

Cheers, Nick
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