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24GHz Airfiber @ full speed is good for about 1km if you stay within the ridiculously low ACMA regulations ;)


There is a 5GHz model, though, that claims similar data rates which can push a bit further, but you need a lot of free spectrum ;)





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I wouldnt be surprised if even further was possible with a pair of Ubiquitiy AirFiber

I was told, that although Ubiquity AirFiber is rated to go quite far and fast, that's with higher transmission power, in Australia it is not generally allowed that high unlicensed. With the lower power level it practically tops out at 10km. Still, it seems that RF is still the best for longer distances to date. The main benefit I see for FSO is zero interference, which is great for Medium Distance (1-2km). It apparently works from 100m (sometimes 50m), for for some reason, short links are generally not the configuration of such FSO products. 



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