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On Sat, Mar 28, 2015 at 12:27 PM, Todd Hubers <todd.hubers at alivate.com.au>

> FSO was briefly discussed in the Geelong meet on Thursday - here's some
> more information:
>    - 1Gbps up to 2km -
>    http://www.digitalairwireless.com.au/outdoor-wireless-networks/point-to-point-wireless/laser-fso-links/geodesy-fso-laser-links.html
>    - Up to 10Gbps is possible, distances unknown -
>    http://www.markjulier.com/2011/07/gigabit-free-space-optical-links-1-10gbps/
>    - A paper about it - http://cdn.intechopen.com/pdfs-wm/9002.pdf
>    - Pushing the boundaries toward 10Gbps over 10km -
>    http://www.hhi.fraunhofer.de/fields-of-competence/photonic-networks-and-systems/research-topics/optical-access-and-metro-networks/terrestrial-free-space-optics.html
> With the limitations of RF power in Australia/Victoria, longer links on
> ISM bands are limited. We already have people climbing roofs and mounting
> masts, as FSO improves it may be interesting and valuable to try such tech
> for P2P links. It would be quite possible to increase the speed on some
> point to point links already deployed.
> *Application to ForestNet*
> A 1Gpbs 30km link from Mt Moriac to Otways doesn't sound feasible with RF
> capabilities and regulations. Shorter links may be feasible, and use of FSO
> may be considered.
> I only performed a quick search of current FSO capabilities. There may be
> better stuff out there.

Not sure i undersdtand how you figured that out.... I wouldnt be surprised
if even further was possible with a pair of Ubiquitiy AirFiber.

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