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Christopher McAvaney christopher.mcavaney at deakin.edu.au
Tue Apr 21 11:12:53 AEST 2015

I tend to agree.
They should go into an archive state and then purge after an archive period.


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Can I garner any support for a simple node database cull? Something along the lines of any nodes where the age is greater than 1800 days (approx 5 years) and their status is still only "Interested", "Gathering", or "Testing".

I would think that anyone still at that stage after 5 years has lost interest and the risk of deleting a node still interested is minimal.  In the unlikely case that a node still interested (but hasn't accessed in 5 years?!?) is culled, they can surely recreate a new node listing.

With the node database as it is currently, it really is of little to no value and even gives false hope to those setting up thinking there's other nodes nearby.

I've emailed every node within cooee of my access point and haven't heard boo.  Some internet snooping even shows some of these people have actually moved house and don't even live at their node location anymore!!


On 21/04/2015 9:06 AM, James Fysh wrote:

I tried to contact the owner of the KRD node, and it looks like Optus has re-used the E-mail address for another customer.

Any chance the contact details for this user can be removed from the Melbourne Wireless database?  No point in annoying someone who's not interested in Melbourne Wireless (and not even living in the state of Victoria!).



P.S. Doesn't the re-use of an e-mail address (which might still be the recipient of confidential e-mails intended for it's previous owner) smack of really poor security measures!?

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Hi James,

Thanks for your prompt reply.  No I've never participated in the Melbourne Wireless group.
I live in Queensland if that helps.
Thanks for letting the group know.
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Just to confirm - you've definitely not participated in the Melbourne Wireless group in the past?  I'll let the group know - hopefully someone from the group can remove your E-mail address and you wont be bothered any more.


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I have been given this email address by Optus.
Please remove from your data base.

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Regarding http://melbourne.wireless.org.au/maps/view?KRD :

I'm about to move onto Bowen Road (node KVW).  Just wondering if you were still participating in the Melbourne Wireless group?

If you are interested, our line-of-sight isn't all that bad - it wouldn't be the most challenging wireless setup (we're .35km apart, apparently), but could be a good way to get started.




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