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“Tony Abbott promises cheaper and faster alternative to NBN

Promise download speeds of 25 -100 megabits p/second by end of 2016
Coalition promises rollout will be complete by the end of 2019
Abbott says regions with substandard internet will receive priority rollout
Basic broadband plans projected to be $24 per month cheaper
Coalition says their policy will cost tens of billions less than Labor's”

Yay ADSL2 speeds. I have been waiting for those kinds of speeds, Wait I already am quoted at 24mbps.

I think this is my push to get on the Melb Wireless network, Who has a AP near Northumberland Road, Pascoe vale?

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When the NBN is complete it will be like one giant LAN party =)

What about Uni Halls?

On 06/09/2013, at 5:00 PM, Maurice <maurice at rtgaming.org> wrote:

  I know this is a long shot and many of you would have out grown LAN party's these days and half these emails probably are not active.
  I am currently involved in starting a new LAN party in the Melbourne region catering for about 600 people.
  We have a mixed bunch on experienced and new comers to hosting such an event.

  This is what I am stuck with.
  I need a venue of 1400 msq or larger for such an event and being new to this area I am unsure of hidden warehouses and buildings around that aren’t in the mainstream advertising.
  I want a building with 1400msq (roughly 3 basketball courts), 3 Phase power to the building, free parking and allows your own catering.
  I have looked at the bigger places like the race coarse, The show grounds, Convention center and they all have very very expensive catering, Like 12 juice boxes for $36.
  If any one knows of any thing from Large warehouse or pavilion to a empty aircraft hanger.

  Also be happy if any one wanted to get involved <wlEmoticon-smile[1].png>

  Thanks for any help you guys can give


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