[MLB-WIRELESS] Looking for a large venue for LAN party

Maurice maurice at rtgaming.org
Fri Sep 6 17:00:52 EST 2013

I know this is a long shot and many of you would have out grown LAN party's these days and half these emails probably are not active.
I am currently involved in starting a new LAN party in the Melbourne region catering for about 600 people.
We have a mixed bunch on experienced and new comers to hosting such an event.

This is what I am stuck with.
I need a venue of 1400 msq or larger for such an event and being new to this area I am unsure of hidden warehouses and buildings around that aren’t in the mainstream advertising.
I want a building with 1400msq (roughly 3 basketball courts), 3 Phase power to the building, free parking and allows your own catering.
I have looked at the bigger places like the race coarse, The show grounds, Convention center and they all have very very expensive catering, Like 12 juice boxes for $36.
If any one knows of any thing from Large warehouse or pavilion to a empty aircraft hanger.

Also be happy if any one wanted to get involved 

Thanks for any help you guys can give


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