[MLB-WIRELESS] anyone alive out there?

Richard James Salts melwireless at spectralmud.org
Thu Sep 5 11:01:24 EST 2013

On Thu, 5 Sep 2013 10:50:55 Steven Haigh wrote:
> On 05/09/13 10:44, Denis Cheong wrote:
> > Us lurkers are just waiting for somebody to say something profound,
> > that's all.
> How about: "Don't let Tony Abbott fuck up our broadband future on Saturday"
Can I take option 3?

Also I like Geoff Huston's opinion about the NBN:

I think I'd do it differently than both proposals. Active network with ipv6 ULA 
to the end user. VPN for retail isp providing transit to people out of the 
network. We can do better than a layer 2 protocol.

> Is that profound?

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