[MLB-WIRELESS] Free wifi stuff

Nick Sibbing nick at artful.com.au
Sun Jun 9 18:13:40 EST 2013

Gday All
I have some free wifi stuff for anyone who cares to  remove it from my place in Donvale / North Ringwood. 

In rough order of desirability
New and unused 24 Db 2.4 ghz Hills antenna
One Jaycar aluminium watertight enclosure (probably still has a working minitar unit in it!)
2 salvaged ex Galaxy Pay TV 2.4 ghz antennas (I think about 19db?)

2 homebrew cantennas one is attached  to a galaxy antenna as above
Some ethernet cable and other bits and bobs (approx one milk crate worth)

I'm moving soon and I just don't want to move all this stuff again. If its of use to anyone great please sing out or I'll turf it shortly .

First to pickup gets it but you must take the lot.

Kind Regards
Nick Sibbing
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