[MLB-WIRELESS] IPv6 and the network

Greg McLennan mclennan at internode.on.net
Wed Jan 23 14:58:41 EST 2013

Hi Russell.

     I too have pondered this in recent times. My `home' LAN has dual 
stack running. My ISP internode has given me a large(everything is large 
in ipv6!) static v6 range as part of my normal PPPoE connection. For the 
most part it works great on my mikrotik & LAN.

If it were to be implented on M/W I would image that there will need to 
be some ground rules set up by a working group to work out the 
equivilent of subnets for nodes and then there is DNS. If DNS was not 
set for ipv6, pinging something like fe80::21b:63ff:feab:e6a6 if going 
to do my head in ... I'd rather do ping  kmt.v6.melbournewireless.org or 
similar if you catch my drift..

There is also the issue of some current networking gear in the feild not 
nativly passing ipv6 traffic unless the devices are in bridge mode. All 
in all there is much pre-work to be thought about and impleneted before 
I see me clicking on my ospf v3 button!!..


On 23/01/2013 2:31 PM, Russell Smith wrote:
> Hi,
> Is any work going on with IPv6 going on in the network?
> I ask for two reasons, The website needs some love to make it work with IPv6 nodes and I need some motivation to make something like that happen.  Also I'm interested in IPv6 generally and wondering if anybody out there has any plans with it.
> Regards
> Russell
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