[MLB-WIRELESS] big big BIG 'charity auction' - this Friday, starts 7:30pm sharp!

Mike Everest mw at freenet.net.au
Wed Aug 7 10:11:27 EST 2013

Hi All,


Further to my prior notice on this subject, you must be present at the
auction to place your bids, or have a live proxy (not one of the organisers)
to bid on your behalf.


Remember: financial members of MelbourneWireless pay only half of the
winning bid, so consider becoming a financial member BEFORE the auction
starts!  You can make your payment by bank transfer and bring along a copy
of the transfer receipt as proof, or you can pay your membership fee by
credit card before the auction.


I am relatively sure that much of the stuff up for sale will attract few
bids (one of the cartons has mushrooms growing on it, though the contents
are OK ;-) and I don't want to be taking anything back home with me, so if
bids don't go UP, they will go down - all the way to ZERO! ;-)


You have to be there to make a bid (even a zero bid) - be prepared! :-D

Cheers,  Mike.


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