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Todd Hubers todd.hubers at gmail.com
Fri May 11 11:45:48 EST 2012

Hi all,

(I'm sure I sent this email a couple of weeks ago - can't find it...)

I gave a presentation, probably 2 years ago now, about a mesh concept
called OurNet. At the time, I was hopeful for FSO links, but radio wireless
appears to be the flavor of the month for me.

I have developed it more since and now have a website -
http://ournet.alivate.com.au/. I have completed some initial financial
modelling of the network, and have considered a great deal of challenges
which require resolution, for now I am of course focusing on the network
feasibility and technology itself, but there's room for peripheral concerns
such as installation. Regarding installation, I have drafted the design
with low-cost installation in mind, with integrated solar (so you don't
need to run power from the house to the node), and integrated WLAN, so
there's no cabling to run to the house. There is of course an advanced
model which would be for enthusiests, with the ability to run 10Gbps
Ethernet into the premises, and other options. You can read about this and
more on the website.

I hope to get some help from enthusiasts, academia and industry - it is an
open design project. At the moment I'm just contacting you, in the hope of
some further refinement. So if you have any further ideas or suggestions,
please let me know, and indicate if you want to be added to the OurNet team

I have spent many hours on the initial content, and I'm sure there's plenty
of spelling, grammar and structure to be fixed. Any additional content
would also be welcomed, especially in the way of diagrams, animations,
videos, completed prototypes :)

In June, I hope to then reach out to industry and academia, with more
polished content - first impressions count!

Todd Hubers
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