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Sat Oct 29 18:32:25 EST 2011

Denis and I are still trying to get a satisfactory link going.  (KOJ - KOK)

It's not very far (~900m) but there are trees.  It works, but we're not
getting the speed we want, and the signal is all over the place in terms of
level and stability.  We did an experiment today in adding a few metres of
height, this cetainly improved the levels notably, but it still varied
dramatically.  We'd need to build poles at both ends at least 3m higher than
currently, I think.

We've also been considering the 900MHz option, with a couple of NS Loco-M
900's.   I'm just unsure what to expect as a likely result, since there's a
lot less gain and the noise factor is unknown.

Does anyone have experience or observations of the usability of 900 around
metro Melbourne, noise levels, etc?  Does anyone by any chance have a spare
radio to take measurements with?  Alternately, has anyone been thinking of
building a link with these devices and would like to try - perhaps one pair
can be used to test both places before we all spend money on gear that
doesn't solve the problem.

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