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>The RF spectrum neighbour is the Vodaphone GSM uplink allocation.  Voda 
>will notice if you impinge on their spectrum, they will complain to ACMA 
>and ACMA will come and knock on your door so be careful.  Hence you'll 
>only be able to run 5 MHz RF bandwidth (or maybe 10 MHz if not too close 
>to a Vodaphone mobile site) and this may defeat the purpose.
>Yep, aware of this, at least as general background - though not 
>necessarily that they were so militant.

Yes they are VERY.
A company I worked for had some 900MHz gear about 800~900M from one of 
there towers and we had to put 6 stage cavities on the gear even after 
having it tested and the gear was found to be within Aust specs or the then 
ACA (ACMA) would have shut the site down.

The only good thing was the Vodaphone tech was very good and told us how to 
fixit and where to get the cavities from.


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