[MLB-WIRELESS] Selling some gear

Paul Maric paul at maric.id.au
Mon Jul 11 23:33:07 EST 2011

Hi guys,

I'll be moving house shortly and need to sell my gear.

I was hoping to get back into Melbourne Wireless, but due to work
commitments I really haven't had enough time.

The equipment was only in use for around 2 - 3 weeks in total, so it's
pretty much in brand new condition.

I'm selling:

1 x 24dBi 2.4GHz Square Grid/Dish Antenna - purchased from CityTechnology
for around $100. It's in excellent condition. I'm after around $70.

I'm also selling:

1 x 9m CLF400 RPTNC Male to N Male Pigtail - this too was purchased from
CityTechnology for around $55 and I'd be after around $30 for it.

There are a few happy snaps of the gear to be found here -

Pickup is from Geelong, but I can also take the gear with me to Melbourne
and meet in a mutually convenient place.

Thanks for reading and apologies for bugging you!

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