[MLB-WIRELESS] Meeting this Friday

mw at freenet.net.au mw at freenet.net.au
Wed Aug 11 11:37:54 EST 2010

Hi Everyone,

Assuming that there will be a meeting this week, being the second Friday of
the month, I'd like to let you know that I'll be bringing along my usual
load of freebee junk for those who like that sort of stuff ;-)

I also want to bring along a sample of a relatively new product from
shop.duxtel.com.au being a 5 port gigabit switch
(http://shop.duxtel.com.au/product_info.php?products_id=107) to show off and
give-away to one lucky attendee.

Bring along a business card to enter the draw to take home this little
beauty - retail value $75 with 10% discount to MW members! :-)

I'll also bring the backing plate for a 'CommTenna' unit that I brought
along a couple of months ago, so if anyone took that one home, ask me for
the backing plate that goes with it! :-D

See you there, Cheers!


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