Michael Borthwick holden at netspace.net.au
Tue Apr 20 12:14:52 EST 2010

Are there any FreeBSD people still on the list. I am trying to get an  
old Toshiba 440CDT laptop going as a web server to site behind Node  
BAE to host some rocket and Melbourne Wireless video files.

In FreeBSD 4.x I recall I had compile a custom kernel with the drivers  
for the 3Com PCMCIA Ethernet card (ep0) - my notes from the era show  
setting up device hints and turning pccard daemons on to get it  
working - not quite sure what I did but that hard drive is dead so  
I've installed FreeBSD 5.2.1 and support for this NIC appears to be in  
the GENERIC kernel.

dmesg shows no Ethernet devices found although when I tried to do a  
network install I did get the PC card card to light up - so it looks  
intact at the electrical level (although it couldn't find it's way to  
any FTP servers so I installed off CD)



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