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Mon Oct 26 15:47:22 EST 2009

Thanks everyone for your help,

The spill-over is definately something I need to properly quantify. I would
expect to use a few GB on the second link from spill-over. I just don't want
anything to slow down progress (downtime or slow access to resources), so I
definately want both links. The second link may not necessarily be cable -
is the latency better on cable? I might get a second ADSL2+ line....

In summary:
* Without wanting to start a seperate debate - I'll probably use openSuse or
* I'll likely go with the IPTables/IPRoute/Script options
* Linux channel bonding is only for where bonding is implemented at each end
of the link - and is not relevant for my situation
* I'll use IPCop and advproxy
* And i'll load it with other roles, SVN repository server software, File
Server, DHCP, etc...


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