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I'm going to be working from home with programmers and want to make sure we
have fast enough internet. I've already got ADSL2+ where I get 25GB on peak
and 60GB off peak for $50, for the second connection, I want to get cable
which although has very low volume allowance has great speed and latency. I
looked up channel bonding and found that Linux can achieve this very easily.
But I want to know if there are more advanced bonding modes / configurations
which can achieve the following:

1. I don't want it bonded in round-robin mode as this would result in my
cable volume running out first.
* Always favour the ADSL2+ link
* Use the cable link as "spill over"

2. When I need to remote desktop, I want to use the cable link exclusively
for the session.

Is this possible with out of the box Linux kernel features? Maybe I can
achieve this easier with router board?

Todd Hubers
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