[MLB-WIRELESS] BarCampMelbourne: Getting internet access for a weekend

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Wed Jul 1 11:06:36 EST 2009

G'day Ben,

I reckon it's a great idea!  If there's a node anywhere to connect to, then
all you need is some kind of distribution AP.  I'll even loan you a
DuxMaster gateway for that purpose so you can issue 'tickets' for access
control (i.e. max 24 hours, 1GB download, etc)


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> Hi folks!
> BarCampMelbourne (read below for info about this event) is on the 12-13th
> September at Urban Camp in Royal Park, and they don't provide internet
> access. My current options are to get a DSL line connected for the weekend
> (Internode might be open to the idea, being keep open source supporters),
> get an HSDPA link (as we did in a rural version of this conference 4
> ago) or connect to the Melbourne Wireless network.
> So, I'm wondering whether using the MW network would be appropriate (it's
> not like we're creating a persistent node to benefit the group; although
> that could be an option if Urban Camp are interested in sponsoring the
> space/power). If appropriate, I'll need to scope the area out for LOS, and
> was wondering whether anyone would be interested in assisting me.
> Mike Everest has lent me a dish for testing out connectivity in
> Portarlington (sorry for hanging on to it for so long - let me know if you
> need it back!) which I can use, I'd just need a mast.
> Now, assuming that it's okay to use the MW network for this purpose and
> there's LOS, would it be impractical in terms of speed/bandwidth for 120
> so people to get Internet access for a 2 day tech conference? The last
> conference ran over HSDPA and we pulled, from memory, less than a Gb of
> data with no major complaints about speed (in other words, I don't think
> we'd pull much more than that regardless of connection type).
> Any thoughts or suggestions on how to get this group of geeks online are
> greatly appreciated.
> Cheers!
> Ben
> BarCampMelbourne is an open, participatory, user generated conference that
> covers topics related to business and technology, not necessarily but
> predominantly revolving around open source. This will be the 4th such
> run in Victoria. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcamp for more info.

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