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Annual General Meeting - Friday 14th March 2008

The Melbourne Wireless Annual General Meeting for the Financial Year ending
31st December 2007 will take place at the Hawthorn Scout Hall on Friday,
14th March 2008 at 7.30pm. Doors will open and BBQ will commence at 7pm.

The Financial Report for the past financial year will be presented by the
Treasurer, and Elections for all Committee positions will take place.

Nominations must be received the Secretary 7 days before the AGM - on Friday
2nd February 2007. According to the Rules, nominations must be signed by two
current financial members and have the consent of the member being
nominated. An email each from two financial members nominating a member, and
(if the member didn't nominate themself) an email from the member being
nominated giving consent will be sufficient. Send nomination emails to
secretary at melbournewireless.org.au.

Remember you must be a current financial member to nominate, to be nominated
and to sit on the Committee, and to vote.

All Committee positions are up for election. The positions are:


Vice President



Ordinary Members (4 positions)

If you've read this far, please consider nominating for one of the above
positions. To continue running, Melbourne Wireless needs you!

Further Reading

Keep an eye on the Agenda for updates:


Please read up on and have a casual familiarity with the Melbourne Wireless
Rules of Association if you are interested in nominating for a position:


Also, pages 18 and 19 of the Rules Of Association are Proxy Forms allowing
someone else to vote on your behalf.  

And for your reference, the Associations Incorporation Act:


There's plenty of useful info for people involved in running an Incorporated
Association at the Consumer Affairs Victoria website:


Click on "Business Names & Business Structures" and then "Incorporated
Associations". Under "Useful Resources" are some good PDF guides as to how
to be a good club President, Secretary or Treasurer.


Dan Flett


Melbourne Wireless

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