[MLB-WIRELESS] Some info on wireless in India

Mark Aitken nodegxt at yahoo.com.au
Fri Feb 1 16:05:31 EST 2008

More like they have nearly a billion people population which makes for a 
HUGH customer base.

Our 20/21 million is pitiful which is why we pay through the nose for 

Not that I am suggesting that we all get down and get it up to increase 
the population,  one thing
this world does not need is more people.  Although the capitalists pigs 
would have me drawn and quartered
for thinking such a thing!!  :>)

Simon Knight wrote:
> Cheers for that, some fascinating differences.
> Probably has a part to play in their becoming a big knowledge centre
> of the world and for outsourcing - with connectivity like that it's
> only going to grow massively.

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