[MLB-WIRELESS] OpenWrt for Asus WL500GP

Peter Buncle peter at nmc.net.au
Tue Nov 27 11:33:24 EST 2007

Which version of openwrt did you use ?



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Thanks to those of you that emailed tips and hints... it's been a long
time since I've been a linux admin, so it is starting to come back to

I have the OpenWrt image loaded and also updated the packages to include
X-Wrt... so good progress.

Only one last problem... the wireless interface is not working? I get
the following error when I update the wireless settings:-

Updating your configuration...
Committing dhcp ...
Committing network ...
Waiting for the commit to finish...
Reloading network ...
udhcpc (v1.4.2) started
Sending discover...
wl0(broadcom): Interface type not supported
wl0(broadcom): Interface type not supported Sending discover...

Interesting it says Interface type not supported, because the WL500GP
has the broadcom chipset.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark

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