[MLB-WIRELESS] IP address range for Geelong?

Will Lanigan chooken at m00t.cjb.net
Tue Feb 13 17:18:17 EST 2001

RE: [MLB-WIRELESS] IP address range for Geelong?yes, i like!
i feel this would be rather beneficial for everyone in the long run.
all run in the same ip range for now? or perhaps people in different 'sectors' of melbourne have allocated ranges (it's hard to do it by suburb because people overlap and eek i'm all confused now..

perhaps for now have a list on the site of all 255 ip's available in a specified range and then write up on the site if someone has got one in use? i dunno how practical this is, or if it's even needed... someone who has brains can deal with this from here on in, but yeah, great idea ryan!!!
keep up the good ideas mailing list people! :D

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  Perhaps we should add an IP alloction table sort of page to the Melbwireless website. 

  As people require IP's for certain suburbs we add it to the list.  So people can look to see if their suburb already has an allocation and if not they can email Steve or someone else to allocate a range to that suburb/area.

  Could be in a members only section possibly? 

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  Hi Melbourne Wireless!  :-) 

  We have a few nodes starting to pop-up in Geelong at the moment and I 
  think its time that we looked at IP addresses to delegate. 

  I read that you guys were looking at the 10.x.x.x range and think that 
  we should probably grab a chunk of that so as to avoid conflicts (should 
  we ever join the dots to Melbourne) 

  How about delegating everything above [] for Geelong? 




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