[kernel-xen] 3.18 kernel for blk-mq (and other features)

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Mon Jun 1 16:38:32 AEST 2015

On 21/04/2015 1:21 PM, Glenn Enright wrote:
> Hi Steven,
> Would it be possible to get a 3.18 kernel (latest longterm) into your
> testing repo please? There seem to be a lot of io related features (eg
> blk-mq) added to that which are very attractive for a VM host.
> I know 4.0 is just out and is not a long term release, but if you want
> to build that instead we would be happy to test it out also :).

I have just pushed the following to el6-testing repo:


Feedback welcome!

Steven Haigh

Email: netwiz at crc.id.au
Web: http://www.crc.id.au
Phone: (03) 9001 6090 - 0412 935 897

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